Van Eck delivers Mega Curtain Aero Engine Carrier and Mega Aero Engine Carrier to Georgi

The German specialist in air freight and high-quality transport Georgi has been a Van Eck customer for decades. Recently, Mega Curtain Aero Engine Carrier and Mega Aero Engine Carrier trailers were delivered by Van Eck.

The main reasons why Georgi comes to Van Eck for the purchase of new trailers are diverse. “First of all, Van Eck can supply trailers with an internal loading height of more than three meters,” explains fleet manager Hubert Hohl of Georgi. “Secondly, Van Eck always carries out our orders precisely, which is very evident with these trailers, which are equipped with numerous facilities to simplify and speed up loading and unloading,” says Hohl.

Higher and wider

The trailers that Georgi ordered this time have, in addition to a sliding roof, also the possibility to raise the entire roof sixty centimeters over its full length. In addition, the side walls at the rear can be shifted outwards, allowing high and wide machines, for example, to be loaded quickly, safely and damage-free. The technique used to change the trailer in this way comes from Van Eck’s own expertise. Six roller conveyors have been concealed in the loading floor of the trailer and the drive for these has been installed centrally under the loading floor. This creates a trailer with an unusually large loading volume and with exceptional facilities for quick and safe loading and unloading.

Multiple locations

Immediately after delivery, the first of these two trailers left for the Amsterdam, or rather Schiphol branch of Georgi to load a machine. Georgi also has branches in the Czech Republic and Poland, as well as directly at Frankfurt and Leipzig airports. Van Eck has been supplying Georgi with trailers since the mid-1980s. “We have seen the company grow further and further because it has always opted for the most efficient equipment,” says Hans van Eck. Georgi now has a fleet of 400 tractor units and another 470 trailers. It is also striking that Georgi is one of the few German haulers that has a number of LHVs working on a structural basis for several customers. In addition to air freight, Georgi also specializes in pharma transport, dangerous goods, conditioned transport, machine transport and the transport of high-quality cargo.

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