Longer and Heavier Vehicles
Van Eck Trailers is the right partner in longer and heavier vehicle combinations to meet the practical requirements of visionary transporters. Whereas Van Eck has produced its first LHV in 2004, since the Netherlands allowed LHV combinations in 2012, Van Eck has accumulated extensive experience in the longer and heavier vehicle segment. Within Ecko Co2mbi Series, Van Eck can build any LHV Combination, including LHV with twin deck. Especially Urban Ecko Co2mbi, the standard solution for distribution transport, stands out in the Ecko Co2mbi Series as the B-double LHV which enables a longer and heavier vehicle combination without a dolly. Contact Us
Key Benefits
Axle Load and Weight Distribution
Based on the country-specific regulations, we can provide you the optimal axle load and weight distribution for enhanced maneuverability and operational ease.
Sliding Axle for B-Double Combination
A sliding (auto-controlled) axle system underneath the front vehicle makes it possible to convert 2 city semi-trailers or 1 city trailer and 1 semi-trailer into a longer and heavier vehicle combination.
Fast Loading and Unloading Systems
Either taillift, load-through system or automatic loading and unloading system, Van Eck has an extensive experience in implementing loading systems that fits your unique operational challenge to decrease your operational cost.
30% Cost Reduction
Carry the load of 2 trailers in 1 LHV and minimize your total cost of ownership.
Sustainable Transport
Decrease your CO2 emissions as you save more in each trip. Depending on your route and km, reduction up to 40% is possible!
Occupational Health and Safety
The safety of the ground operators and drivers are maximized with the options such as remote control options for taillift and suspension, or PLC control in B-double configuration which enables automated coupling from the cabin.
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Unique Features
Dolly Options
Van Eck dollies are designed with ergonomic control and connection panels and offered with a wide range of options to make sure the right fit for your LHV combinations. You can select among several suspension options, self-steering or hydraulic steering systems, swelling king-plate, as well as automatically extendable drawbar options.
Turning Radius
We approach each LHV as a unique challenge to offer you the best possible solution. Based on the country-specific regulations, your cargo and route, we calculate the turning radius and decide on the trailer steering systems accordingly for the best tyre wear and road handling performance.
Load Through System
For fast and efficient distribution, Ecko Co2mbi Series can be fitted with a load-through system. In that case, the cooling system on the bulkhead is replaced by a cooling unit mounted on the chassis.
Taillift Options
Thanks to our extensive experience in twin decks, we can offer you state of the art loading ramps and cantilever lift applications that enable you to make the best out of a LHV combination. Whereas the rear semi-trailer can be fitted with taillift that either close upward or slide underneath, the front semi-trailer can be fitted with a sliding or cantilever lift.
Occuptional Health and Safety
Van Eck designs and builds LHV’s to minimize the occupational health and safety risk for drivers and field operators. In addition to regulatory requirements, options such as remote control for suspension height, remote control for taillift, remote control for rollers, ergonomically designed ladders and various load securing features, such as lashing rails or tracks are available.
Twin Deck Combinations
Van Eck is the only twin deck manufacturer who is able to deliver a complete B-double or D-double LHV combination with a twin deck. If you are serious about load factor efficiency, Van Eck is the right address.
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