Special Vehicles

We listen to our customers to deliver the best possible transport solution they need. With Van Eck’s Eckspert series, we design and manufacture the very special vehicles that completely address your special transport challange.

Ranging from custom airport machinery to chick transport to tank reefer to tipper reefer, Eckspert series vehicles push the boundaries of conventional trailer engineering and demonstrate Van Eck’s expertise and resourcefulness.

Chick Thermo Transporter to Fraport AG
Van Eck firstly developed the first Chick Thermo Transporter for Fraport AG in 1997 and in 2014, proudly delivered the 14th Chick Thermo Transporter to its customer. This vehicle is specially designed for transporting live chicks from the aircraft to the animal facility at the airport under perfect conditions. Van Eck provided th right temperature and optimum oxygen level for the chicks during transportation.
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Van Eck Tank Twin Deck
Van Eck firstly developed the special twin deck vehicle equipped with an insulated body that is split vertically into two parts in 2010 and proudly delivered 5 vehicles to Bolsius in 2016. The lower part of the vehicle has a special tank suitable for the transportation of approximately 23 tons of liquid paraffin.The top section has a height of 1,850 mm and offers a loading capacity of 33 Euro pallets. The tank section of the vehicle is equipped with a special heating system that ensures that the liquid cargo can be transported at a constant temperature of 85 ° C.
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Van Eck’s Tipping Reefer
In 2012, Van Eck Eck brought its 7th Tipping Reefer to the market. This vehicle is suitable for the transport of goods such as wet meat shrimp, offal, and animal feed. Loading takes place via a roof hatch arranged over the entire length of the body. This pneumatic hatch closes the body in a watertight manner. The body can be tilted hydraulically to unload the goods. For multi-purpose utilization, a large door is integrated into the tailgate of the body so that other types of goods can also be loaded and unloaded.
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