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The reliable partner of air cargo and airline companies, Van Eck Trailers stands out with its innovative floor-integrated roller conveyor system, which has been developed in cooperation with Lufthansa.

The Van Eck roller conveyor system is designed with an automated driving unit system requiring less manpower when loading and unloading the high and heavy air cargo pallets.

Whereas 3.055 mm high rear entrance provides maximum loading capacity, the Eckspress Series can accommodate 3 m high main deck air-cargo pallets.

Offered with various superstructures, and with FRC, FNA or Pharma certification, Eckspress Series are built to make sure your vehicle is always ready for the next call.

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Key Benefits
Roller Conveyor System with Driving Assistance
Van Eck Roller Conveyor System is the state of the art solution for your safe and reliable road freight services. With full compliance to the Lufthansa Technical Specifications, the system is designed with reliability and lifespan in mind.
Occupational Health and Safety
The safety of the ground operators and drivers are maximized with the emergency break, roller control unit, integrated pallet stoppers, working lamp and roof lamp options.
FRC and FNA Certification
Be the strongest link in temperature sensitive air-cargo transportation with an insulated upper body that has been produced with wet-in-wet method.
High Value-Goods Transportation
Van Eck provides security options for TAPA TRS certification to make sure that you are 100% accountable RFS provider.
Pharma Transport
Certified according to the Directives of the European Commission on GDP (Good Distribution Practices), aluminium roller-bed system can be configured with stainless steel wheels to eliminate oxidation.
Double Deck System
Increase your load factor with the double deck option.
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Unique Features
<Eck Rollerbed System

Designed with reliability and lifespan in mind, <Eck Rollerbed System consists of four or more rows of pneumatic roller conveyors with twin airbag and twin rollers – each roller 40 mm wide and with 50 mm diameter. Furthermore, each roller has two bearings instead of one to minimize friction for a smoother loading and unloading operations.

Optional roller control features allow you to complete your loading and unloading operations in the fastest and safest way.

Upperstructure Options

The Eckspress series are offered with various upperstructure options for the transport of air cargo pallets, such as a curtainsider with sliding roof, plywood box and an insulated box for temparature-controlled air cargo pallets.

For oversized and special loads, Van Eck also offers airfreight platform applications.

Superior Chassis and Box Construction

Produced its first air cargo semi-trailer in 1983, Van Eck has an extensive experience in air-freight transportation.

The result is a superior box construction either with wetin-wet panels or with plywood panels that provides high quality isolation performance to make sure you always hold your promise to your customers.

Furthermore, to overcome the demanding air cargo pallet loading and unloading operations, Van Eck has designed the most reliable and roboust chassis which perfectly absorbs and distributes the concentrated load over the floor.

Drive-assisted Loading and Unloading

Van Eck Trailers is the only trailer manufacturer that can offer in-house developed automated driving systems, fitted to <Eck Rollerbed System maximize operational health and safety.

Depending on your cargo, the required number and position of the automated driving unit system are determined by the Van Eck engineering team to make sure to minimize the necessary manpower when loading and unloading the high and heavy air cargo pallets.

Integrated Pallet Stoppers for Maximum Load Security

Integrated pallet stoppers are positioned in front and behind every pallet – total of 10 units.

To avoid any occupational health and safety risk, the rollers can be fully lowered under the floor while not in operation. With auto-down option for safe driving, auto-down system ensures the cargo rollers fully lowered in case you forget it while it is loaded.

Double Deck System

Van Eck air cargo vehicles with double deck option offer various loading possibilities for all sizes of pallets. In standard vehicle; up to 67 euro pallet capacity can be achieved.

Double deck beams can be located different places for the highest efficiency.

Impact Protectors For Long Product Life

Eckspress Series is equipped with kick plates as standard for the safe transportation of air cargo pallets.

To prevent damage to the vehicle by special loads, such as roll containers, aluminum CTP or steel panel protection sheets are also available as an option.

Loading Configurations

All vehicles within the Eckspress series can accommodate 3m high pallets with various loading configuration possibilities as below:

  • 4 x 3.000 mm
  • 2 x 3.000 mm + 2 x 2.900 mm
  • 3 x 3.000 mm + 1 x 2.900 mm
  • 1 x 3.000 mm + 2 x 2.900 mm + 1 x 2.800 mm and more.

Ramp Buffers

Due to Air Cargo operations, vehicles are docked on ramps. To maximize vehicle lifetime, Eckspress series vehicles are equipped with strong vertical and horizontal ramp buffers as standard.

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