Twindeck Trailer

One of the first developers of twindeck trailers, Van Eck presents Eckstreme Series, which is the benchmark for the industry. Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck twindecks are the most efficient way of cargo transport for you and the environment.

Van Eck Eckstreme Box and Eckstreme Cool with most innovative features and loading flexibility will meet your needs with 60% more loading capacity.

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Key Benefits
Double Deck
Position 2 separate 1.80 cm high pallets at the same time to save every kilometer
30% Cost Reduction
Carry the load of 3 trailers in 2 twindecks and minimize your total cost of ownership
40% Less CO2
The more efficiency you carry, your CO2 emissions decrease linearly. Load 54 pallets in one trip and decrease your CO2 emissions by 40%
Driving Safety
Twindeck design automatically enhances the driving safety on the road for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Aerodynamic Design
Upper body construction decreases air drag on the sideways and improves overall fuel consumption
Flexible Options
Take advantage of Van Eck’s extensive experience in building high quality customized twindecks
Customer References
Truck/Driver Savings*
€ 35.500 per year per Twindeck

* Based on the driver wage € 40.000 and 150.000 km annual distance estimation
Eckstreme series Twindeck trailers provide you with the best TCO.
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Unique Features
Internal / External Lifts Systems

Van Eck twindeck trailers are being used by many different customers from different sectors. Hence Van Eck has acquired in-depth know-how of customer and sector needs and is accordingly developing Van Eck inhouse internal and external lift systems with individual or simultaneously operation functions. Van Eck also works with premium suppliers accommodating your individual specifications.

  • Van Eck inhouse internal and external lift systems
  • Premium supplier internal & external lisft systems
  • Van Eck custom lift solutions
Van Eck Race Trailers

Race Trailers are custom built and engineered with great experience for motorcycle & car race team needs.

According to customers requirements , with many features like special floors to fasten the valuable vehicles, race trailer tail lifts, choice in the height of upper – and lower deck and attachment of a tent.

All customer wishes and needs are negotiable and are often achievable.

Tunnel Door System

Tunnel Door System: Tunnel door protects you from external circumstances during sensitive loading and unloading operations via various top flaps acting as a tunnel in conjunction with the back door. Our options include:

  • Door & Tarpulin Top flap
  • Door & Rigid Top Flap
  • Rigid Top Flap

For when you need to completely approach the ramp, your vehicle with tunnel door can be equipped with internal lifts to enable precise loading.

Ergonomic Design Control Panel

For ease of use, all controls are neatly packed in the control panel, for faster and safer access and control.

Hydraulically / Mechanically Controlled Axles

Possible with steering axles , hydraulic or mechanical for a smaller turn circle for driving in the city. Extra option is an Optiturn system.

Independent Air Suspension System

Independent air suspension for optimum stability of the trailer and extra cargo space between the wheels.

Easily Serviceable Engine Room

Consists of a fully galvanized frame with watertight cover on the outside. Also accessible from the inside for service. All controls are together and extensible depending on the detail.

Hydraulically Adjustable Intermediate Floor

Especially developed for customers who constantly carry cargo of different heights as part of their regular operations, moveable floor enables the intermediate floor to be moved up to 600 mm up and down. Hence loading space is maximized as well as the customer’s loading flexibility. Further options include, fully moveable floor, fixed floor on king-pin area with back moveable floor as well as internal and external lift combinations to address all your loading challenges.

Wired / Wireless Taillift or Suspension Control

Control versions according to everyone’s wishes, with buttons, remote control, wireless and air suspension also possible from the truck.

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Feed Roller

High quality van Eck rollers before the wheelboxes for optimal loading. Standard of Eck rollers with the extra option stainless steel rollers.

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