Twindeck Trailer

One of the first developers of twindeck trailers, Van Eck presents Eckstreme Series, which is the benchmark for the industry. Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck twindecks are the most efficient way of cargo transport for you and the environment.

Van Eck Eckstreme Box and Eckstreme Cool with most innovative features and loading flexibility will meet your needs with 60% more loading capacity.

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Key Benefits
Double Deck
Position 2 separate 1.80 cm high pallets at the same time to save every kilometer
30% Cost Reduction
Carry the load of 3 trailers in 2 twindecks and minimize your total cost of ownership
40% Less CO2
The more efficiency you carry, your CO2 emissions decrease linearly. Load 54 pallets in one trip and decrease your CO2 emissions by 40%
Driving Safety
Twindeck design automatically enhances the driving safety on the road for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Aerodynamic Design
Upper body construction decreases air drag on the sideways and improves overall fuel consumption
Flexible Options
Take advantage of Van Eck’s extensive experience in building high quality customized twindecks
Customer References
Truck/Driver Savings*
€ 35.500 per year per Twindeck

* Based on the driver wage € 40.000 and 150.000 km annual distance estimation
Eckstreme series Twindeck trailers provide you with the best TCO.
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Unique Features
Eckstreme Isolated Twindeck

Eckstreme Series is also offered with an insulated body for the cold chain transportation. Constructed with isolated panels, isolated Twindeck has a standard loading capacity equal to 88 roll containers or 52 Euro-pallets.

For fast and flexible loading, isolated Twindeck can also be configured with an isolated movable floor. The Moveable Floor enables you to load directly to the 2nd deck, and it is adjustable according to your cargo heights and various dock stations.

Eckstreme Race Trailer

Eckstreme Series is suitable for motorsport logistics, offering specialized and reliable solutions for race car and motorbike transportation.

Twindeck trailers allow you to carry your valuable asset on the upper deck while you can use the lower deck as workshop and the gooseneck section as an office.

Thanks to its aerodynamic design and unique appearance, it is also appealing on road shows and paddocks.

Movable Floor

Van Eck is the only manufacturer that can offer full length movable floor. The moveable floor with 15 tons loading capacity enables you to load directly to the 2nd deck of the Twindeck  to reduce your loading and unloading time. Furthermore, depending on your cargo height, movable floor can move up and down to 600 mm to provide you flexible loading height for the various dock stations.

Internal / External Lifts Systems

As a result of extensive experience in different transportation segments, Van Eck is an expert in designing back portal and lift systems with premium suppliers that are operable individually or simultaneously.

With outer, inner/outer, and inner lift options, you can save valuable time in loading and unloading to optimize your operations and minimize your TCO.​

Tunnel Door Systems

Constructed with a metal frame for durability, the Van Eck tunnel door system generates a tunnel in conjunction with the back door to protect your cargo from external environmental conditions, such as rain during loading and unloading operations.​

The available flap options are:​

  • Door & Tarpaulin Top flap
  • Door & Rigid Top Flap
  • Rigid Top Flap

Your Twindeck with tunnel door can also be equipped with an internal lift to enable you to approach the ramp directly for uninterrupted operations.

Ergonomic Control Panels

Twindeck control panels are positioned on the side hatches to enable the driver to reach these systems safely and ergonomically.​

As standard, there are 2 unit side hatch on the right side and 1 unit side hatch on the left side.​

Hydraulically or Mechanically Controlled Axles

For greater maneuverability on tight roads and within distribution centers, Eckstreme Series is offered with hydraulic or mechanical steering axle options. With enhanced maneuverability, self-steering axles also contribute to your TCO as a result of less tyre wear and lower fuel consumption.

User Friendly Wireless Control Options

Van Eck offers suspension and tail lift wireless control options to enhance operational safety.

The wireless controls are offered with a transmitter carrier strip, transmitter protection cover, and receiver unit with the emergency brake button.

Stainless Steel or Galvanized Feed Roller

State-of-the-art Van Eck galvanized rollers with 120 mm width can be mounted in front of the wheel boxes for easy and fast euro pallet handling.​ ​ In each row, the Van Eck roller is equipped with 2 units of airbags providing better load distribution.

Van Eck rollers can be mounted after the initial investment and can be also offered with stainless steel rollers.​

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