Van Eck delivers B-Double LHV to Dekker Chrysanten

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck saw Dekker Chrysanten return as a customer, after the latter was more than satisfied with the first purchase from Van Eck, a refrigerated trailer. “There was sufficient reason to be the first to ask Van Eck whether they can supply a B-Double LHV,” said Aschwin Hooyboer, Head of Logistics at Dekker Chrysanten.

Dekker Chrysanten is a global player when it comes to growing and selling these colorful flowers. The company is represented on several continents with its own branch. Most cultivation work just happens in the Netherlands. In order to be able to serve the growers with fresh cuttings from the head office in North Holland, the six Dekker Chrysanten trucks drive almost round the clock. “We have six trucks, twelve trailers and fourteen drivers because we do not prefer to leave trucks stationary,” explains Hooyboer. Two trucks are now being used as LHV. “This allows us to carry more block pallets. A total of 42 pallets will be carried in the LHV. So with both long combinations, we get three trailer combinations off the road. ” Van Eck built a new front part for Dekker Chrysanten to which the standard trailer is coupled. However, this part was also equipped with a slider lift. “We do this because we cannot unload at a dock by every grower,” explains Hooyboer. Both LHVs operate exclusively within the Netherlands. Van Eck has prepared the equipment for the transport of flower carts. “That way, we can also recharge effectively and our combinations run empty less often,” says Hooyboer.

Liquid gas

Dekker Chrysanten does not go far enough to reduce the number of trucks on the road while maintaining a consistent transport performance. “We will start using the first LNG trucks during the year to further reduce the environmental footprint of our transport performance. Ultimately, we also intend to drive the LHV with LNG trucks in front of it, ”Hooyboer explains further. “An additional advantage is that these trucks are more comfortable for the driver and that they will use this gas economically. This is how we make our transport activity in the Netherlands more sustainable, which we can safely call intensive. ”

Dekker Chrysanten

At the Dekker Chrysanten headquarters, cogeneration is already being used for the cultivation of the flowers in order to be able to meet its own energy supply. In the countries where Dekker Chrysanten is active, it works as little as possible with harmful pesticides, fair wages are paid and local education initiatives are supported.

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