Three Van Eck Double Deck Trailers for KLG Europe

KLG Europe has invested in a series of special Double Deck trailers developed and produced by Van Eck to accommodate the specific demands of Yamaha Motor Europe. The trailers will be used for transporting Motorcycles, ATV’s and Waverunners to support customer events, international press tests, and shows all over Europe. “KLG Europe and Yamaha have known each other for several years now. The relationship started with the shipment of marketing related materials to dealers in Europe, one thing led to another and now we are the turn-key logistic partner for the Marketing division of Yamaha” says Erik Loijen, CEO of KLG Europe.

Complicated question

What is the future of sales? Yamaha has 3.500 dealers across Europe which were all very sales driven. Of course doing sales is key to any organization but how customers buy has changed a lot and will change still the upcoming year. Yamaha had to re-define the customer journey where the physical showroom has been re-designed to a marketing place merged with a completely digital and online experience. A big impact of this new vision is that Yamaha displays much less products in the showroom than a few years ago allowing the products Yamaha does show to get their own dedicated thematized space. But what do you do if you want to see the bike in a specific color or you want to do a testride with one of Yamaha’s race products? For this fully understandable need, Yamaha and KLG Europe developed “The Tour” concept which is a series of trucks driving around Europe visiting dealers, events and/or circuits where our customers can see and try our products. Van Eck trailers are used here and are vital the success. The “Double-Deck” principle allows Yamaha to move the products on the first floor while all promotion materials like flags, banners, tents and furniture are loaded on the ground floor. A nice on the top benefit is the easy branding of the trailer which gives a great visual impact.

KLG Europe

Yamaha tried multiple logistical service providers, who all went for a test drive. “After that period, KLG Europe stood head and shoulders above the rest,” says Wim Vermeulen, who at Yamaha Motor Europe is all about marketing and events. “We have a very complex need as a European marketing division. From shipping a simple package to a dealer in France to running a race- tour event on a circuit in Portugal, it is all in the game. Being on time is crucial when you need to unload a complete trailer at our showroom in the middle of Paris because if your late everyone is waiting for you and the same goes for all the tours we do nowadays which with Covid-19 are getting even more important as shows have been canceled. To find a company to do each discipline well at the best price is easy, but finding someone who can do all disciplines at a correct price was difficult and in the end, only KLG could exactly deliver what we asked for. You know for KLG who never had experience with Double-Deck trailers it was a big step to do this with us but they have never been afraid to develop together new concepts and roll them out ”

Van Eck

Until recently Yamaha worked with specifically built racetrailers, but Yamaha was looking for a special trailer that could carry a relatively large number of motorcycles or waverunners and was also manoeuvrable. Van Eck was the right partner that has a strong tradition of innovative logistics solutions and offers “Eckcellent” trailers.

“Broadly speaking, the same applies to Van Eck as to KLG Europe,” says Vermeulen. “They also thought along with us, and Van Eck is the pioneer of innovation in many systems and naturally proactive. As a result, we ordered three customized trailers from Van Eck in a Double Deck version. They are the most efficient for our work because of its loading capacity and they have the perfect appearance that we want for Yamaha, ”says Vermeulen. “The unique fastening system guarantees that our motorcycles and waverunners are transported safely.” Vermeulen is impressed by the flexibility at Van Eck. “We put a challenging deadline in the contract which meant they only had six weeks to do the job, the deadline was key as the trailers immediately had to leave to Tenerife. Van Eck delivered on the agreed date and time and you could see the guys of Van Eck smile when we picked them up, this is the spirit which suits us and KLG well”


KLG Europe directs the logistics of all marketing division projects at Yamaha. KLG Europe is a fast-growing multinational logistics company with multiple locations in Europe and an extensive European distribution network. About 1.100 people work there

Van Eck Eckstreme Double – Deck Trailers

Van Eck is among the first to have developed double deck trailers in 2003 and is now the industry standard for double deck.

With 60% more loading capacity, Van Eck double deck trailers enable the operator to save on every kilometer while reducing the CO2 emissions. Eckstreme series double deck are available as box, refrigerated box, with 2 or 3 axles, with inner lift or movable platform to make best out of the available loading capacity.

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