Van Eck delivers 17 SPECIAL airfreight trailers to Transweb Japan

Trailer manufacturer Van Eck has delivered seventeen new SPECIAL airfreight trailers to its loyal Japanese customer Transweb. “Some years ago, we found Van Eck on the internet and we visited them at the IAA in Hanover. More appointments followed and we ordered several trailers. The recently ordered SPECIAL airfreight trailers will hit the road in our country soon”, Takeshi Maesawa declared. 

Maesawa has lived an impressive career. Starting as a truck driver, he established his own company and he made it grow in several directions. Apart from airfreight, TransWeb is also specialized in container transport, in car transports, and in logistics around events as well as in motorsports. Also, TransWeb is known for transporting exclusive cars for the Japanese market. “This went very well. The Italian manufacturers asked us to execute the pre-delivery inspections as well, the final step before a car is delivered to the customer. We see this as a great honour. It lead to the establishment of a special, dedicated location where we do pre-delivery inspections only”, Maesawa explains. The establishment was realized at the outskirts of Tokyo. “Before manufacturers come to such a decision, they must have done proper investigation if TransWeb is the right partner to entrust such an important step in the quality process towards the end customer.”

Special Trailer

These activities and services require special trailers, and Van Eck seemed to be the proper address, according to Maesawa. However, there must be a mutual understanding to work together very closely. Meanwhile, TransWeb has worked together with van Eck for the past seven years. Trailers feature a specially lowered loading floor to create more inner space, enabling TransWeb to transport more exclusive cars in a safe way. “We have proved this with our customers time and again, and we will do the same now in airfreight”, Maesawa explains.  “With trailers we use for racing teams in motorsports, as well as on many other occasions, Van Eck has proved to be a close partner ready to figure out solutions that work for us. Meanwhile, there was never at any point a concession when it comes to buildquality”, Maesawa says. TransWeb now runs a fleet of 70 trailers and 50 trucks. Also, Transweb operates a fleet of seventy rigids. 


Maesawa likes to see his trailers to be delivered in time. “Van Eck trailers clearly fit our job. They are robust and reliable en delivery is at the right time. This helps tremendously in operating our business the way we prefer.”He appears also to be satisfied with the assistance of Van Eck when it comes to importing trailers into Japan and to ensure that documents are perfect. The new SPECIAL airfreight trailers will be shipped to Japan. A previous stock of two trailer was driven overland with new trucks from The Netherlands to Wladiwostok, in the east of Russia. There, they proceeded on a ferry for the final part of the journey. 

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