Bolsius Expands with 5 Special Double Deck Trailers

Bolsius is expanding the number of double-deck trailers by 5 units. In total there are now 10 units at Bolsius. The design that Van Eck developed 6 years ago has turned out to be a great success. The vehicle has an insulated body that is split vertically into two parts. The lower part has a special tank suitable for the transport of approximately 23 tons of liquid paraffin. The top section has a height of 1,850 mm and offers a loading capacity of 33 Euro pallets. The first prototype has now driven no less than 1,500,000 km.

Temperature guaranteed during the winter period

The tank part is equipped with a special heating system so that the liquid cargo can be transported at a constant temperature of 85 ° C on the route from the Netherlands to Poland. Because the insulation value of the bodywork is at a high level, the load does not need to be heated during normal use and the paraffin remains at optimum temperature level. The heating pipes in the tank are made in case of a calamity and the tank needs to be heated. Even in the winter, when there is a temperature difference of 105 ° C, the temperature of the paraffin remains guaranteed.

100% load factor

The upper part of the body has an internal height of 1,850 m. Back to the Netherlands, 33 pallets of 23 tons of finished products are returned as return cargo. This vehicle ensures a 100% load factor. Despite the pressure on costs and care for the environment, there are still few companies that are able to achieve this. With these sustainable results, Bolsius is high on the ranking of sustainable business operations in the field of transport movements.

Lightweight construction

The weight of the vehicle and the insulation of the body played a major role in the construction. The body consists of a combination of specially developed synthetic fibers from the aerospace industry and other lightweight synthetic materials that have been manufactured into a lightweight insulated body using a wet-on-wet process. The semi-self-supporting chassis is lightweight. This low weight is achieved by using smart constructions of high-strength steel.

Patented corner joints and safety bulkheads

Various swing baffles have been installed in the tank area to absorb fluctuations during braking. The patented flexible corner connections ensure liquid-tight connections. The outlet of the tank is fitted at the rear of the body.

Suitable for other forms of liquid transport in combination with pallet loading

This transport solution is also suitable for other forms of liquid transport combined with palletised cargo. Examples are the transport of animal fats, which also have to be transported heated, and mineral oils such as olive oil and corn oil.

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