The leading trailer manufacturer in innovative transport solutions, Van Eck Trailers has launched its new race twindeck trailers for motorsport transportation.

Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck Race Trailer Twindecks are the most efficient way for race car and motorsport transportation.

Van Eck has reflected its accumulated ability and experience in Twindeck body construction in race car and motorsport transportation which results in exceptional quality, long product life and functionality.

Transport, work, host, store and provide repair and maintenance under one roof:

The latest edition to Van Eck’s Eckstreme Series, Van Eck Race Trailer Twindeck allows you to transport, work, host, store and provide repair and maintenance under one roof.

The unique construction of Twindecks with 2 separate floors, enables up to 3 race car transportation in the upper deck while the lower deck can be used as a workspace as well as a storage area for 20 standard flight cases.

Furthermore, the spacious lower deck provides maximum functionality. Lower deck internal height is optimized to utilize the space as an office, storage or repair and maintenance activities. With a height of

2.005 mm, the ergonomic lower deck enables your team to move within the vehicle safely and comfortably.

In tight paddocks, functionality is everything!

For easy access to the trailer in tight paddocks Van Eck Trailers offers several door options for easy and ergonomic access to the vehicle from back or front. In addition, you can also reach your equipment quickly on the upper deck with deck entrance trapdoor option.

For better visibility, you can also choose up to in total 8 windows on the lower deck and upper deck. Various load security options to protect your highly valuable race car and motorsport equipment:

Taking into account the value of the high-performance race cars and motorsport equipment, Van Eck has equipped the Eckstreme Series Race Trailer with various load security options to provide you reliability as well as loading flexibility.

Durable and lightweight load securing airline tracks made of high-strength aluminum with shoring capacity of 1000 daN on each lashing ring are mounted on the floors of upper and lower decks to secure your valuable equipment quickly and safely.

On the upper deck, you can choose either 2 or 3 rows and on the lower deck, 2 rows of airline tracks are available. In addition, airline tracks are available at 6 points on the floor between wheel cabinets, offering flexibility in operations.

Van Eck Race Trailers can also be equipped with 1 row of galvanised load securing rail with up to 900 daN load capacity can be mounted on the side panels.

Extensive storage possibilities are available:

In terms of storage, Van Eck Race Trailer can be equipped with 2 storage areas in front of the vehicle. Located on the gooseneck area, these storage areas enable you to load or unload your essential racing equipment without opening the whole vehicle. To provide you operational flexibility in tight paddocks, bus hatch hinges are offered as an option.

Furthermore, Van Eck offers optional tent preparation for Stegmaier tents to enable you to expand your presence for technical support, workshop, race base or hospitality lounge; the tent poles can be stored on the upper floor wall.

Wide authorized service network for efficiency in operations:

Expertly designed and manufactured, each Van Eck trailer comes with the highest quality of services to sustain your operations.

Today, Van Eck offers aftersales services in 32 countries with its 302 authorized services. Furthermore, through Van Eck Hotline, (+31 77 369 0912), Van Eck offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance in 27 countries, with 23 languages options.

As you focus on your performance on the track, you can take advantage of Van Eck’s extensive experience in trailer manufacturing that results in high quality and minimal maintenance costs.

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