Test the lightest Twindeck in the Market! 

With 40% fuel, CO2, and cost savings, Twindeck is the right transport solution for many transport companies.

Now Van Eck has started the rental program of the Lightest Twindeck in the market, to enable potential Twindeck customers to experience the unmatched TCO performance of Van Eck Twindecks.

Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck Twindecks are the most efficient way of cargo transport, decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emission by 40%.

The expert Van Eck R&D updated the Van Eck Twindeck construction to optimize its weight and now presents a 450 kg weight advantage while not compromising the robustness and longevity of the vehicle.

Furthermore, with improved wheel cabinet upper frame, gooseneck section and rear chassis designs the Next Generation Van Eck Twindecks with plywood panels increase load factor, which is already 60% more than standard box vehicles.

You can contact the expert Van Eck sales team to learn more about rental opportunities.

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