Van Eck supplies Eckspress Series two-axle air freight trailer to Kretzler Spedition

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck has delivered a special Eckspress series two-axle mega curtainsider trailer to Kretzler Spedition from Hambrücken. The new trailer will transport air freight between Germany and Italy.

With its Eckspress series aircargo vehicles Van Eck builds vehicles with optimum capacity presenting efficent loading with its own highest quality and durability roller conveyors. Kretzer trailer is a typical example of what a specialist like Van Eck is capable of as Van Eck listens to its customers to deliver the transport solution they need. Kretzler wanted a mega curtainsider trailer in the knowledge that the air freight pallets to be transported do not contain conditioned cargo. Director Dieter Kretzler is also convinced that with a loaded weight of ten tons, a third trailer axle is unnecessary. But such a third axle may still be necessary in the future. Thanks to Van Eck, the installation of the third axle, which would then become the front axle of a triple axle, is already prepared. Other features of the trailer include roller tracks and the smaller 17.5 inch wheel size to achieve the desired insertion height required by air freight. The fifth-wheel height specified by Kretzler is 95 centimeters.


For Daniel Kretzler, this is the first Van Eck in his fleet, which consists of thirteen air-freight trailers. “This new one will be used on the route from Frankfurt airport to Milan,” says Kretzler. “We’re working with the certainty that it concerns low weights. That is why we will be driving with two axles for the time being. ” Kretzler is impressed by Van Eck, “It is a long-standing specialist that is able to respond precisely to our wishes.” Kretzler is originally a German family business that distributes fuel oil in the region around Hambrücken. At one point, the company was able to become a haulage company for a company that manufactures tubes. ” Typical volume, so we looked for a suitable trailer for that,” explains Daniel Kretzler. This is how his father’s company ended up in volume transport. “Soon a contact was established with another company that was keen to respond to the increased demand for air freight transport by road. That’s how we came into the picture and this expertise arose. ”

Kretzler, who now serves all major airports in Europe, is satisfied with the current size of the company. “It is nice and clear now in terms of staff and customers. We can respond satisfactorily to the wishes of customers with the current workforce.”

Requirements to Van Eck

Kretzler explains that he cannot arrive at an airport or he sees trailers from Van Eck. “We then hear that those trailers will last a long time and that Van Eck can respond well to individual customer wishes. That appealed to us. The wish to employ a two-axle air cargo trailer with sails was a great opportunity for Van Eck to show what they can do.”

About Van Eck Eckspress Air Cargo series

Van Eck Trailers is a household name in the air cargo transportation sector and is the reliable partner for air cargo and airline companies.

Van Eck Air Cargo vehicles stands out with its state-of-the-art floor-integrated roller conveyor system, which has been developed in cooperation with Lufthansa.

The Van Eck roller conveyor system is designed with an automated driving unit system requiring less manpower when loading and unloading the high and heavy air cargo pallets and makes difference with its modular design that enables maximum performance and longer product life.

With a 3.055 mm high rear entrance, Eckpress Series provides maximum loading capacity and can accommodate 3 m high main deck air-cargo pallets. Eckspress Series are offered with various superstructures, and FRC, FNA, or Pharma certification.

About the Product Range of Van Eck Trailers

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck offers precise and high-quality vehicles by listening to its customers with sustainability as the driving force. Today, Van Eck’s product range consists of 5 categories, respectively, Eckstreme, Eco Co2mbi, Eckcellent, Eckspress, and Eckspert Series.

Eckstreme: Firstly introduced in 2003, Van Eck Twin Deck Trailers enables 40% CO2 emissions decrease by providing 60% more loading capacity. With Twin Deck trailer, Van Eck acquired the Top 3 in Trailer Innovation 2005 Awards.

EcoCo2mbi:Producing its first Long Heavy Vehicle (LHV) in 2004, Van Eck’s Ecko Co2mbi series enables sustainable transport by decreasing CO2 emissions by 40%. Within Ecko Co2mbi Series, Van Eck can build any LHV Combination, including LHV’s with twin deck.

Eckspress: Eckspress Series Aircargo Vehicles is the reliable solution for aircargo and airline companies by offering Roller Conveyor System that enables safe and reliable road freight services and has double deck system to increase load factor.

Eckcellent: Eckcellent Series Distribution Vehicles offers tailor-made transport solutions for your day and night operations. Eckcellent Series are built with reinforced upperstructure for long product- life cycle.

Eckspert:The introduction of airport equipment under the Eckspert series was made in 2003. With Van Eck’s Eckspert series, Van Eck design and manufacture very special vehicles that completely address the very special transport challenge of its customers.

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