Van Eck Delivers Five Link Trailers to Van Heezik

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck recently delivered reefer upper structure with reefer and five link trailers to logistics service provider Van Heezik from Utrecht, the Netherlands. The vehicles will be used in LZV combinations that Van Heezik uses for frozen logistics to distribution centres that are part of supermarket chains.

Van Heezik is a company that operates in three disciplines. Paper logistics, frozen logistics and what is called twin logistics. “Paper logistics concerns the transport and processing of packaging materials. We not only drive from A to B, but we also serve our customers with related services such as cutting certain packaging to size,” explains Sales & Project Manager Berend van Heezik.

“We see that the LHV is doing well in the Netherlands, but we cannot do much with it with cross-border traffic, due to legal weight restrictions,” says Van Heezik.

The new Van Eck link trailers come into play in frozen logistics. These are specially tailored to function as an LHV.” Van Eck was able to help us find the right equipment and understood our wishes well. That is why we choose this supplier. It concerns specialist structures that must be able to take a beating and that we want to use for a long time and intensively. Van Eck expertise provides just that, not only reefer upper structure with reefer were exactly to our specifications but with link trailers as well. In terms of LHV’s this is a very special solution and only Van Eck could have delivered this result”.

Bye Bye Diesel

The new link trailers are part of a sustainability project initiated by Van Heezik. “We started the Bye Bye Diesel project three years ago. The goal is to say goodbye to our last diesel truck in 2023. In that year we will have switched completely to LNG. We can refuel this close to our location in Utrecht. Our trailers must also be as sustainable as possible, so we prefer double-deck trailers and LHVs. Customers increasingly want not only the best price, but also the lowest carbon footprint for their transport and logistics. We can certainly play a role in this. ”

Van Heezik is preparing for the switch to Bio-LNG, a gas variant that produces even lower CO2 emissions. “We will start with that next year and we will also keep our customers informed,” says Van Heezik. “We also work with partners to achieve this goal. It strengthens us that more and more of our customers want to participate in this. ” The company from Utrecht now has a total of 150 trailers and 105 tractor units. All maintenance to the fleet is outsourced and according to Van Heezik that is the most efficient form of management.

About the Product Range of Van Eck Trailers

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck offers precise and high-quality vehicles by listening to its customers with sustainability as the driving force. Today, Van Eck’s product range consists of 5 categories, respectively, Eckstreme, Eco Co2mbi, Eckcellent, Eckspress, and Eckspert Series.

Eckstreme: Firstly introduced in 2003, Van Eck Twin Deck Trailers enables 40% CO2 emissions decrease by providing 60% more loading capacity. With Twin Deck trailer, Van Eck acquired the Top 3 in Trailer Innovation 2005 Awards.

Eco Co2mbi: Producing its first Long Heavy Vehicle (LHV) in 2004, Van Eck’s Ecko Co2mbi series enables sustainable transport by decreasing CO2 emissions by 40%. Within Ecko Co2mbi Series, Van Eck can build any LHV Combination, including LHV’s with twin deck.

Eckspress: Eckspress Series Aircargo Vehicles is the reliable solution for aircargo and airline companies by offering Roller Conveyor System that enables safe and reliable road freight services and has double deck system to increase load factor.

Eckcellent: Eckcellent Series Distribution Vehicles offers tailor-made transport solutions for your day and night operations. Eckcellent Series are built with reinforced upperstructure for long product-life cycle.

Eckspert: The introduction of airport equipment under the Eckspert series was made in 2003. With Van Eck’s Eckspert series, Van Eck design and manufacture very special vehicles that completely address the very special transport challenge of its customers.

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