TSL convinced of the advantages of Van Eck Eckstreme Twindeck Trailers

The German logistics service provider TSL, which has been part of the German retail giant Rewe for several years, is convinced of the advantages of Twindeck Trailers from Van Eck. Recently, a new one was put into use.

TSL stands for Transport System Logistics, and that is exactly what the company stands for. “Thanks to a sophisticated system, we manage to save a lot on fuel consumption and emissions. On our website we keep track of our savings exactly for our customers. In this policy, trailers with a twindeck loading floor such as Van Eck’s play a major role,” explains managing director G√ľnther Timmsen. “We save every third trailer ride with a double-decker, so that we can deliver the same transport performance with less material, drivers and emissions. “

Movable load floor

Timmsen explains that the double-decker trailers run between Rewe’s various German distribution centres. “As a result, the trailers are always full. We can take more with us, but thanks to the adjustable upper floor it is also possible to carry higher loaded pallets if necessary. In this way, we achieve a higher load factor, we deal more effectively with packaging, we contribute decreasing the traffic congestion and we avoid emissions. Van Eck twindeck is 60% more efficient and there is no other more flexible trailer than Van Eck. This is reflected in a positive way in all parts of our work. ” Timmsen says that Rewe works with roll containers as well as pallets. “That’s not a problem for us either.”

Sustainable growth

TSL started as a company in 1994 with three people. “We now have 107 personnel, 62 towing units and thirteen double-decker trailers, the majority of which were supplied by Van Eck,” says Timmsen. ” We have known Van Eck for almost ten years now, and the oldest Van Eck double-decker trailer in our fleet has been running for six years now. So, it can last certainly for a much longer time. The construction is particularly robust, we have no problems with it. This is also because we carry out maintenance ourselves in time. ” Timmsen explains that TSL has its own workshop. “Nice central in Germany, so that’s beneficial. Van Eck’s cooperation in the field of hydraulics and electronics is exemplary. Van Eck’s service is an extra reason to remain a customer of this supplier!”


At TSL, drivers who are going to drive a Twindeck receive special training to learn the specialties of this type of trailer. “As a result, some drivers do not want anything else than to drive this type of trailer. And that they would rather not have another driver use their double-decker when they are on holiday,” says Timmsen. “But of course we don’t start with that,” he says with a wink.

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