Over 860,000 tons of meat transported with a Van Eck refrigerated trailer

In 2014, the trailer manufacturer Van Eck delivered a three-axle trailer for shuttle transport from the production site to the high-bay warehouse. From the plant of the German meat processor Badenhop to its logistics center, it is 2.5 kilometers. Even though, this trailer has covered relatively few kilometers, it has transported huge tonnages of meat.

If a trailer is used in a shuttle service and is loaded fully automatically within a few minutes and goes on the road to be unloaded fully automatically a few kilometers later and then automatically loaded with empty pallets again at the same location, then this is of course a very productive operation. Günter Badenhop Fleischwerke KG from Verden, which is located near Bremen, uses a special Van Eck trailer for such work. This trailer has been in use for seven years and has transported about 108,000 tons of meat annually, 20 tons per trip, and is now due for maintenance. “We bought a new shuttle from Van Eck a few weeks ago. That is why the old one can now be maintained. Afterwards we will use it as a back-up. In the future, we will use both trailers in parallel,” says Christian Otten, Logistics Manager at Günter Badnehop Fleischwerke KG.

Long-term relationship

Günter Badnehop Fleischwerke KG and Van Eck met at a trade fair over forty years ago. At that time, the meat processing company was already exploring ways to make logistics as efficient as possible, preferably using advanced technology. This led to the introduction of semi-trailers with a tilting system and an open roof. “Frozen meat blocks were loaded through this roof, which were dumped further down the road,” explains Hans van Eck. “At Badenhop, we have a fleet of 71 tractor units and 140 semi-trailers, mainly tank, silo and refrigerated trailers. And a small number of special trailers, for which we mainly work together with Van Eck. Even today, there is a tipper near Badenhop that Van Eck built in 2001.


Christian Otten works with a state-of-the-art fleet and ensures that the tractor unit and trailer receive optimum service. The performance of the vehicles is also monitored and improvements are made where possible. “Over the past few years, this has led to a significant reduction in the fuel consumption of our trucks and to an improvement in the efficiency of the fleet as a whole. “

Organs and blood meal

Günter Badenhop Flesichwerke KG processes category 3 slaughter by-products and works exclusively with EU-approved suppliers. Badenhop is one of the largest suppliers to the pet food industry and exports its products all over the world. “We have a capacity of more than a thousand tons per day. In our fully automatic high-bay warehouse, up to 16,000 pallets are stored at minus 21 degrees.


The Van Eck trailer, which has now transported 864,000 tonnes of meat, is being overhauled at Van Eck in Beesd. After that, it can be put back in operation at Badenhop Fleisch. “These trailers are an important link in our production process. If a trailer breaks, production here will eventually come to a standstill. Of course, this is unthinkable. The last seven years have proven to us that we can rely on Van Eck.”

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