Van Eck delivers the 7th Kiep Cool

Van Eck delivered two Kiep Cool semi-trailers last week. With this delivery, Van Eck launched its sixth and seventh Kiep Cool semi-trailers. The Kiep Cool semi-trailer is a vehicle specially designed for the refrigerated transport of bulk materials. This vehicle is particularly suitable for transporting wet meat, shrimp, offal, pet food, etc.

Loading is done through a roof hatch located along the entire length of the body. This pneumatic hatch closes the body watertight. To unload the goods, the body can be tilted hydraulically. The goods are then unloaded via a hatch in the rear of the body. This rear hatch is also pneumatically locked watertight.

During the development of the Kiep Cool semi-trailer, special emphasis was placed on the vehicle’s multi-purpose capability. A large door is integrated into the tailgate of the body to allow loading and unloading of other types of goods. This allows combined transport, which enables a higher degree of utilization of the semi-trailer.

The body is cooled by a Carrier Supra 550 refrigeration unit. Since the evaporator is located very compactly next to the diesel engine, this means additional loading volume. When the semitrailer is tilted, the cooling unit is automatically switched off.

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