Van Eck Trailers: The reliable partner of air cargo and airline companies

Since 1912, the leading innovative transport solutions provider Van Eck is a reliable partner of the logistics industry with sustainable and lowest TCO transport solutions. The originator of, the now industry-standard Twindeck trailers, Van Eck has the longest history of developing LHV trailers and is the only manufacturer to produce their own rollerbed systems that differentiate their air cargo vehicles.  

Eckspress Series: Curtainsider, Platform, Box, and Refrigerated Air Cargo Logistics

Van Eck introduced its first airfreight trailers with five- and seven main-deck-pallet-loading capacity in 1983 and today Van Eck Trailers is the most reliable partner for air cargo and airline companies.

To meet the unique transport challenge of its customers fully, the Eckspress Series is offered with various superstructure options for the transport of air cargo pallets. The Eckspress Series includes curtainsider, plywood box, and an insulated superstructure, as well as platform vehicles.

Constructed with high-quality components, Eckspress Series stands out with its in-house produced innovative Eckpress Rollerbed System and superior chassis construction.

Van Eck’s chassis is designed to meet and overcome the demanding air cargo pallet loading and unloading operations to make sure your vehicle is always ready for the next call. The gooseneck area, reinforced with steel plate can absorb and distribute the concentrated load over the floor. Furthermore, with up to 3.055 mm high rear entrance, Eckpress Series provides maximum loading capacity and can accommodate 3 m high main deck air cargo pallets.

Offered with FRC and FNA type ATP and Pharma certifications, Van Eck also provides security options for TAPA TSR (Truck Security Certification) to make sure that you are a 100% accountable RFS provider.

Last but not least, to maximize your load factor, Van Eck also offers rollerbed cover plates and vertical double shelves consisting of 2 single and 22 double vertical tie rails. The double stock option enables to load of pallet goods at different heights to increase load factor up to 66 euro pallet capacity.

Innovative Eckspress Aluminum Rollerbed System for your safe and reliable road freight services

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck is the only trailer manufacturer to design and produce its own roller beds with reliability and lifespan in mind and is in full compliance with Lufthansa Technical Specifications. Furthermore, the Eckspress Rollerbed System is so strong that it is used to load and unload very valuable aero engines and EUV and DUV systems, as widely known ASML systems, as well.

The modular Van Eck rollerbeds are designed in-house with a full aluminum frame for even load distribution and operational ease. The aluminum frame is 300 mm wide and each component has been separated with aluminum separators. These aluminum separators increase the compression strength which increases the conveyor systems’ load-bearing capacity. The aluminum separators also prevent any dirt to enter the air canal.

Besides the aluminum frame, the roller bed system consists of four rows of pneumatic roller conveyors with twin airbags and twin rollers – each roller 40 mm wide and 50 mm diameter across the floor for smooth loading and unloading operations of heavy air-cargo pallets.

Each roller has two bearings instead of one to minimize friction for smoother loading and unloading operations. The wheels are larger than standard making it easier for air cargo pallets to more easily slide during loading and unloading operations.

Furthermore, the rollers are also offered with galvanized or stainless steel options. The stainless steel rollers offer optimum hygiene in insulated air cargo vehicles as there is no room for oxidation and they are perfect for disinfection during pharma transportation.

State of the Art Rollerbed System with an automated driving unit for safety and speed

Van Eck Trailers is the only trailer manufacturer that can offer in-house developed automated driving systems to maximize operational health and safety.

As Lufthansa technical requirements inquire to minimize manual work during the loading and unloading operations, the Van Eck engineering team developed an automated driving unit that is fully integrated with the Van Eck Roller Conveyor System. The automated driving unit is also designed to be operational on its own with the internal battery and extra air tank.

Depending on your cargo, the required number and position of the automated driving unit system are determined by the Van Eck engineering team to make sure to minimize the necessary manpower when loading and unloading the high and heavy air cargo pallets. Today Van Eck can offer up to 7 tracks in its Eckspress Series with 6 mechanical track and 1 track with a driving unit system.

With sustainability in mind, Van Eck’s passion for quality and innovation guides the company to reinvent modern road transport. With Eckspress Series including the highest quality and long product life curtainsider, platform, box, and refrigerated air cargo vehicles featuring Van Eck’s own innovative roller conveyor systems, Van Eck presents the best possible solution for air cargo and airline companies.

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