Van Eck supports Bidfood sustainability goals

Trailer manufacturer Van Eck supports Bidfood ‘s ambitious sustainability
goals with the delivery of two dollies that significantly increase the
versatility of Bidfood ‘s fleet. “We connect the dolly to a rigid truck and
then attach a trailer behind it.”

Bidfood ‘s logistics operation is extensive and twofold. With a fleet of
450 units, the stocks of eighteen branches are maintained daily. Thousands
of customers are served from there, who can choose from a range of more
than 50,000 products that must of course be delivered daily and fresh at
the desired time. “It is of the utmost importance that we do this with an
operation that is as efficient as possible,” explains Cor de Rooij, head of
fleet management at Bidfood.


Working efficiently requires a versatile use of equipment. In the morning,
Bidfood trucks supply catering customers throughout the Netherlands. In the
afternoon they are coupled to the new Van Eck dolly, after which an LHV is
formed with a full trailer. “This allows us to take fourteen more pallets
in one trip. Our motto is to do our work as sustainably as possible with
the least possible burden on people and equipment.” Thanks to Van Eck’s new
dollies, Bidfood’s long and heavy vehicle combinations of up to 55 tonnes
can continue their operations smoothly “At the same time, we save on
kilometres, fuel, CO 2 emissions and personnel hours.”

No strangers

Van Eck and Bidfood are no strangers to each other. “We have worked
together for a long time already and it is great to know that Van Eck
trailers are always there to support us in our sustainability goals.”

No seasonal work

De Rooij emphasizes that Bidfood ‘s work is by no means seasonal. “It’s
busy all year round, we don’t have seasonal peaks. This requires accurate
planning, not only for the deployment of equipment, but of course also for
drivers, not to mention the maintenance of the equipment. To this end, we
work closely with brand dealers. In this way we ensure that our fleet is
always well maintained and with the right appearance. It is great that we
were able to do this project with Van Eck.”

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