Van Eck supplies versatile platform trailer to Rutges

Van Eck Trailers has supplied Rutges Cargo with a special platform trailer that is suitable for numerous activities at Rutges, like transporting lithography machines to produce chips.

Rutges Cargo has grown considerably since the takeover by the current director, Vincent van ‘t Schip. This not only resulted in a new high-profile location in Rozenburg, at the Schiphol Logistics Park, but Rutges gradually became a household name not only for the transport, but also for the storage of high-quality goods. “In the past two years, we have acquired 35,000 square meters of storage space. We started in 2020 with 6,000 meters,” says Van ‘t Schip.

Three disciplines

He explains that Rutges Cargo is strong in three disciplines, in addition to the safe temporary storage: firstly, the transport of high-quality cargo, whereby the transport meets the TAPA requirements. Secondly, pharmaceutical transport, which meets GDP standards, and thirdly, what Van ‘t Schip calls aerospace- related and sensitive transport, to which none of the above-mentioned certifications apply. According to Van ‘t Schip, safety standards have become increasingly strict, so you automatically must look for partners you can trust all the way.


“Van Eck Trailers is such a partner. We have been one of the logistics service providers of ASML from Veldhoven for two years now. Their machines require the highest safety category in transport, so we are proud to be at the forefront of ASML carriers. Because they work with multiple container sizes for their machines, Van Eck has developed a platform trailer that is multifunctional. When you look at the result now, you wonder who else can build something like this.” The new trailer has in-house developed Van Eck roller conveyors with driving assistance that can be operated by the driver. In addition, twistlocks can be placed exactly at those places in the loading floor where it is necessary, to optimally secure ASML containers. Other safety issues such as width plates are not lacking and the platform trailer has a low loading floor, so that the fifth wheel height for the tractor may only be 95 cm. A well-known size in the air freight world. As icing on the cake, the trailer has a roll-up tarpaulin that optimally protects the roller conveyors. Unsurprisingly, light-alloy wheels are not missing, and the rear axle is forced-steered. “Soon we will be carrying out tests with the customer on loading, securing and transporting the various types of containers and we will learn all the ins and outs of this unique trailer,” says Van ‘t Schip. “It shows nicely how we have upgraded Rutges Cargo from a ‘generalist’ to a high-quality logistics service provider. Not only the Netherlands, but the whole of Europe is our playing field.”

Rutges Cargo Europe

Rutges Cargo has a fleet of over one hundred tractor units They pull a fleet of approximately 130 trailers. Training will be required to handle the Van Eck trailer, but that is inevitable because of the numerous possibilities this trailer offers.”

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