Van Eck supplies ten air cargo trailers to Gartner

That Van Eck is a big name abroad is a well-known fact. Recently, that name recognition resulted in a first order from the Austrian transport giant Gartner.

This logistics service provider may have a gigantic fleet of 2,050 tractor units and 2,700 trailers, but the entire fleet is young and as sustainable as possible. In doing so, Gartner does not shy away from putting trailers to the railroad track wherever possible. The originally Austrian company is also active in air cargo and heard about the quality of Van Eck trailers indirectly.


Now that the first trailer has been running in the company’s fleet for several months, there is great satisfaction. The airfreight trailer will be driving to destinations in Germany, the Benelux and Italy. Maintenance will be carried out by Gartner’s own workshop at its headquarters in Lambach, Austria. The company expects the new trailer to last at least ten years in the fleet, which of course says a lot about the durability of the air cargo trailers from Van Eck.


Gartner chose a complete air cargo trailer with a liftable front axle and with a fifth wheel height of 96 cm. This creates the desired internal loading height of three meters. The trailer can carry four air cargo pallets and has a self-supporting floor with roller tracks suitable for loads up to three tons. The structure of the trailers is largely fiberglass reinforced. Gartner chooses to install its own reefer engine. Naturally, the trailers have a TÜV XL cargo insurance certificate.

Major logistics service provider

With Gartner, Van Eck is taking on a major customer. The company is represented in eight countries with a total of nineteen branches. It employs a total of 3900 people. There is storage of goods for customers, for which the company has a capacity of 95,000 square meters of space at its disposal. In Lambach, Gartner has its own rail terminal that the company uses as a corridor between southeast and northwest Europe.


Gartner keeps a remarkably close eye on its fleet figures. The fleet consumes around 80 million liters of diesel annually and an average heavy goods vehicle covers 120,000 kilometers per year. Although Gartner is also active in special segments such as commercial vehicle and tank transport, only twelve percent of a total of 900,000 trips per year are made with an empty trailer. With 1,400 containers, 32,000 transports per year are carried out by rail.

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