Van Eck Launches Brand-New, User-Friendly Website

The household name in innovative transport solutions Van Eck proudly announces the launch of a brand-new, user-friendly company website.

The brand-new website is meticulously designed to enable quick and easy access to company and product details and a better user experience.

The company website includes Van Eck’s “Eckcellence” history since 1912, benefits of choosing Van Eck revolutionary Eckstreme Twindeck series, visionary Ecko Co2mbi longer and heavier vehicle series, reliable partner of airline companies Eckspert aircargo series as well as Eckcellence distribution vehicle series as well as full list of Van Eck’s expanded service network and company news including Trailer Innovation 2021 Award in the category ‘Environment’.

Last but not least, it is possible to get in touch with the Van Eck’s expert team members through the website.

View Van Eck’s new website at www.vanecktrailers.com which is available in English, Dutch and German.

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