Van Eck launched the Lightest Twindeck at transport logistic 2023

The leading innovative transport solutions provider Van Eck Trailers participated at transport logistic 2023 fair that took place in Munich, Germany between May 9 and 12, 2023.

Van Eck Proudly Launched The Lightest Twindeck Vehicle at Transport Logistic

One of the first developers of Twindeck trailers, Van Eck’s Eckstreme Series Twindeck vehicles, are the benchmark for the industry. Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck Twindecks are the most efficient way of cargo transport decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emission by 40%.

Expert Van Eck R&D updated the Van Eck Twindeck construction to optimize its weight and now presents a 450kg weight advantage while not compromising the robustness and longevity of the vehicle. With improved wheel cabinet upper frame, gooseneck section and rear chassis designs the Next Generation Van Eck Twindecks with plywood panels increase load factor, which is already 60% more than standard box vehicles.

Communicated by its slogan “This is not a trailer, This is 2.578 trees per year”, Van Eck Twindeck is the best solution available to meet CO2 emissions targets today. To demonstrate easily to transport companies making sustainability highest priority on their agenda, Van Eck has developed TCO calculator presenting a preliminary cost and Co2 savings for themselves. Developed in association with Simon Kutcher the leading consultancy firm and available on its website, the TCO calculator takes into account fuel consumption and emission parameters to demonstrating available environmental benefits of the vehicles.

The parameters presented at the TCO calculator are a dimished set of what expert R&D team uses to find the best possible solution to transport companies and the environments problems. At Transport Logistics 2023, Van Eck strongly encouraged transport companies to try the TCO calculator and further their planning with team Van Eck to collectively address our common environmental goals.

The Next Generation Twindeck offers improved ground clearance

Thanks to Van Eck’s patented new design of the outer profiles, the vehicle’s ground clearance is improved up to 50 mm. Furthermore, because of the patented bolted construction, the outer floor frame can be replaced easier.

While new design allows higher serviceability, the improved ground clearance enables to protect the underneath vehicle from damage on the road, due to rocks or unpaved roads.

Van Eck offers higher serviceability for operational efficiency.

As Van Eck Twindecks are built for higher product life and higher serviceability, Van Eck further improved the serviceability of the Next Generation Twindecks. In addition to existing features such as hardened aluminum upper and lower floors and neat cabling canals, the air tank connection to the wheel cabinets has been updated for easier serviceability.

Furthermore, in the rear section, the airbags installed to support the inner lift operations, are replaced with aluminum profiles. The advantage is of course higher component life, as well as less maintenance requirement.

Last but not least, the door is made of aluminum profiles, so partially the door can be repaired and maintained more efficiently.

Van Eck keeps your vehicle moving with its extensive aftersales services

Expertly designed and manufactured, each Van Eck trailer comes with the highest quality of services to sustain your operations.

Today, Van Eck offers aftersales services in 32 countries with its 302 authorized services. Furthermore, through Van Eck Hotline, Van Eck offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance in 27 countries, with 23 languages options.

Furthermore, all spare parts requests are handled from our Beesd location with 1 hour inquiry response time and parts are dispatched from Van Eck main warehouse in Beesd or from warehouses located in Goch and Ulm, Germany.

Finally, the expert Van Eck service team in Beesd offers maintenance packages, repair, modification, damage repair and full renovation projects, adapting the vehicles according to its customers’ transport needs.

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