Two Van Eck twindeck trailers for GP Elite

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck has delivered 2 Eckstreme series Twindeck trailers to GP Elite. GP Elite Van Eck twindeck trailers were especially engineered for GP Elite with custom double deck height to accommodate GP Elite’s racing car transportation needs as well as an office.

GP Elite is a specialised company that acts as a total supplier in motor sports and allows its clients to participate in motor sports competitions and sometimes also takes part in them itself. Two double-deck trailers from Van Eck were recently purchased for the company’s extensive, fine-grained logistics, which operates throughout Europe.

GP Elite supports no less than five Porsche touring car competitions resulting in GP Elite’s trailers being used throughout the year. In addition to the competitions, GP Elite also supports incentives and related motorsport activities and has extensive opportunities to prepare its own racing cars and to do this also at the tracks where GP Elite has to put in an appearance.

Twindeck trailer

GP Elite got in touch with Van Eck because the company was looking for a racing trailer that was more versatile than the equipment it had been working with so far. “We understood that the double-deck concept could be something for us. But then it had to be changed a bit,” says Robert van Teijlingen of GP Elite. “We would prefer to have the second loading floor built in a little higher. This would allow us to use the first floor as an office, naturally equipped with sufficient lighting, air conditioning and power points that are part and parcel of an office. The top floor would be a lot lower, at over 1.50 meters. That’s not a problem, because we can always put three racing cars up there,” says Torsten van Haasteren of GP Elite.


As a result of its extensive experience since 2003 in Twindeck trailers and unparalleled expertise, Van Eck turned out to be able to respond to this effortlessly, but that didn’t finish the trailer. GP Elite wanted an access door on the side, so that it would be easy to enter the office. Furthermore, storage spaces were created above the kingpin, which are easily accessible from the outside. These are some of the many details that characterize these custom-built trailers. The wheels are rigidly suspended and are covered with a protective plate. However, this is ventilated so that the undercarriage never gets too hot. The trailer is equipped with a high tailgate that covers a robust tailgate with which the Porsches can be safely unloaded from the upper deck. That upper deck is designed to hold three race cars in a row. They are secured by means of a special rail developed by Van Eck, in which lashing eyes are fixed at the ideal place to secure the racing cars safely and responsibly.

The trailers are going to get a lot of mileage out of them. As GP Elite is active in five competitions, the trailers will be on a different circuit somewhere in Europe every weekend during the coming summer. Thanks to the expertise of Van Eck, the work of GP Elite with mobile offices can continue at all those locations.

About the Product Range of Van Eck Trailers

Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck offers precise and high-quality vehicles by listening to its customers with sustainability as the driving force. Today, Van Eck’s product range consists of 5 categories, respectively, Eckstreme series Twindeck Trailers, Eco Co2mbi series LKV trailers, Eckcellent Distribution vehicles, Eckspress Air Cargo vehicles, and Eckspert Special vehicles.

Eckstreme: Firstly introduced in 2003, Van Eck Twin Deck Trailers enables 40% CO2 emissions decrease by providing 60% more loading capacity. With Twin Deck trailer, Van Eck acquired the Top 3 in Trailer Innovation 2005 Awards.

When it comes to maximum loading volume for a 13.6 m trailer, the Van Eck Extreme Series Twindeck trailer cannot be beaten. With the independent wheel suspension, the special design enables an extremely low floor, a correspondingly high loading space, a second loading floor and additional space between the wheels. By improving the loading efficiency and other innovations, the load factor of a trailer can be increased by up to 60 percent on two levels than a standard trailer with space for 33 pallets, resulting in a linear reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. Van Eck Twindeck trailers can hold up to 54 euro pallets, resulting in a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions.

Often twindecks are also used to transport roll containers. Depending on the design, which can be different for different shippers, there is space for up to 89 roll cages in a double-decker. These system advantages come into play with light, non-stackable loads such as packages. That is why various postal groups consistently rely on twindeck trailers.

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