Eckstreme Series

Eckstreme Series Twin Deck Trailer Twin Deck Trailer One of the first developers of twin deck trailers, Van Eck presents Eckstreme Series, which is the benchmark for the industry. Built with exceptional quality and high functionality in every detail, Van Eck twin decks are the most efficient way of cargo transport for you and the […]


Ecko Co2mbi Series

Ecko Co2mbi Series Longer and Heavier Vehicles Longer and Heavier Vehicles Van Eck Trailers is the right partner in longer and heavier vehicle combinations to meet the practical requirements of visionary transporters. Whereas Van Eck has produced its first LHV in 2004, since the Netherlands allowed LHV combinations in 2012, Van Eck has accumulated an […]


Eckcellent Series

Eckcellent Series Distribution Vehicles Distribution Vehicles Expert trailer manufacturer Van Eck offers tailor-made transport solutions for your day and night operations. Offered with various superstructures, respectively box, insulated box or curtainsider, and LHV combinations, such as Urban Ecko Co2mbi B-double, Eckcellent Series are built with reinforced upperstructure for long product-life cycle. Whereas wet-in-wet panels provide […]


Eckspress Series

Eckspress Series Air Cargo Vehicles Air Cargo Vehicles The reliable partner of air cargo and airline companies, Van Eck Trailers stands out with its innovative floor-integrated roller conveyor system, which has been developed in cooperation with Lufthansa. The Van Eck roller conveyor system is designed with an automated driving unit system requiring less manpower when […]

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