Our vision

European road transport is under the threat of increasing traffic congestion, a shortage of drivers and rising fuel, toll and labour costs. Due to these developments, transport companies are much more considerate in terms of what they spend their money on. We notice that, during the past years, shipping agents and transport companies have started to invest much more consciously and, as such, giving much more thought to matters such as loading capacity and efficiency.
This trend is further enhanced by the increasing shortage in raw materials and parts as well as the fact that, during the past decade, the business community has become increasingly committed to do their part in improving the environment. In addition to increased volume, the demand for products that emit less CO2 has also risen further in the past years. In that same period, Van Eck has developed various trailers that save costs, while ranking among the most environmentally-friendly options currently available in the market. Examples include our Eckstreme Twin Deck Trailers, the Ecksclusive Foam Trailers and our Eckspressive 7 Trailers.

In addition to developing volume vehicles, the Van Eck engineering department has been given the instruction to develop vehicles with a prolonged life cycle. As such, we stand out from other manufacturers that focus on marketing their products at the lowest price possible. Purchasing at low prices is a trend that blew over from the US years ago, due to the increasing number of listed companies. However, this policy backfired as it is a short-term strategy. The fact that sustainable purchasing pays off is a vision that Van Eck has had for many years. This vision entails investing in efficient transport solutions with a long life cycle. The purchase price is perhaps a little higher than average, but the ultimate running costs are as low as possible.