Van Eck delivers the 16th Chick Thermo Transporter to Fraport AG

IMG_1718Van Eck not only supplies road vehicles for air freight, but is also active in airport equipment. Last month Van Eck supplied the 16th Chick Thermo Transporter to Fraport AG in Frankfurt. The Chick Thermo Transporter is intended for the transport of live chicks from the aircraft to the animal facility at the airport. Fraport AG is the biggest handler of air freight at Frankfurt airport. In 1997 Van Eck developed the first Chick Thermo Transporter for Fraport and in recent years the vehicle has been further developed with the client with the aim of transporting the one day old chicks under perfect conditions at the airport and increasing the sustainability of the vehicle. For the development Van Eck has used its expertise in the field of air freight and one day old chick transport.

This expertise is vital for the successful transport of live chicks. For example it is vital that the body temperature of the chicks is maintained at the required level and that the chicks receive sufficient oxygen. By using advanced technologies such as extra fans, a filter system and a specially designed blower ceiling it is possible to obtain an optimum oxygen content in the load compartment, to limit the loss of chicks during transport as far as possible. 

Because of the well-controlled temperature and air suspension, this type of vehicle can also be used for goods like computer chips and other temperature-sensitive products.

By using the technique of independent wheel suspension (as in double deck trailers) the service life is greatly improved and the tyres last five times as long. The maximum load that can be carried with this vehicle is 5,000 kg, or one air freight pallet 3,180 mm long.