One-stop service

In order to offer a complete service package, Van Eck produces a perfect product as well as an excellent service to go with it.
This service aims to minimise vehicle out-of-service times. The service team consists of highly qualified people who are committed to achieving maximum customer satisfaction. By maintaining good contact with our customers, we are able to provide a service tailored to their wishes and needs.

Service branches at A locations
Van Eck has 8 services at A locations; Our Beesd location serves as our service and repair maintenance as well as our production facility while we have 7 more services in LE Lexmond, KZ Vuren, LM Schiphol, Morfelden, Eppertshausen, Langehagen, Harkingen.

A number of elements from the Van Eck Service programme:

Maintenance and repairs
Through close cooperation with our new hosting estate department in Beesd and the many years of experience in the field of bodyworks and chassis, the service package includes all repairs. We can also be of assistance in the field of refrigeration. The workshops are staffed with competent teams and include all the necessary equipment for the maintenance and repairs of all makes.

Motor vehicle tests
The authorised test facilities for motor vehicle tests meet the requirements of the government bodies. Van Eck is fully accredited for periodic motor vehicle testing (APK) of towed vehicles, STEK tests for refrigerating units and LPK tests for tail lifts. By combining motor vehicle tests with preventive periodic maintenance, turnaround times are kept to a minimum.

It is quite common to see a Van Eck bodywork outlive the life cycle of the truck itself. An environmentally sound option is to grant the bodywork a second life on a new truck. Each year, we change over numerous bodyworks, so that they can continue to do a perfect job. The changeover is often combined with a service overhaul of the trailer. The result is an entirely as-new combination at a clearly different investment tag.

We also excel in making adjustments to your vehicle. This includes shortening the existing bodywork, preparing the bodywork for a new application, installation of additional axles or fitting a tail lift.

Periodic maintenance
During the past years, Van Eck has been highly successful in the implementation of customer-specific periodic maintenance. A maintenance plan is prepared to ensure the fleet is and will remain in the best possible condition, entirely geared to the customer’s business requirements and schedule.
In addition to formal tests such as APK, LPK and STEK, periodic maintenance consists of checklist-based overhaul service programmes. There is of course the possibility to extend these tests with specific matters that are decisive to the success of your business operations.

Mobile service provision
Our mobile service provision enables service and repairs on site. As a result, out-of-service times and handling are reduced to a minimum, while continuity is secured to the maximum extent.

24-hour service
Since a breakdown or damage of equipment can occur at any time of the day, Van Eck can be reached day and night, 365 days a year. Our qualified team offers you a 24-hour service.
You can contact us on our general telephone numbers:

Van Eck Airport Services (Schiphol)
T 0031 (0) 20 405 45 57
Collection and delivery service
For a completely carefree package, the service literally extends to your door. We are pleased to collect the vehicle at your company address and deliver it back to you once the work has been completed.

Van Eck has a compact fleet with semi-trailers for lease, primarily aimed at providing replacement transport during the repair of vehicles of our regular customers.