Eckstreme Twin Deck Box

Van Eck is market leader in the development and construction of twin deck trailers. In addition to an increase in volume, the development of Eckstreme is characterised by a tendency to increase load capacity. As a result this type of trailer is becoming more interesting for various types of transport. Various large retail companies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Belgium and the Netherlands use the Eckstreme Twin Deck concept more and more often. Mail order companies too use the Twin Deck Trailer to cut costs as well as all other types of companies that use roll containers and loading units of up to 1.80 metres in height.

Many different types of transport
The maximum allowable loading capacity of an Eckstreme Twin Deck Box is 39 tons (12 tons on the kingpin, 9 tons per axle). Assuming a dry weight of 10,600 kg, the net loading capacity is 28,400 kg. The actual loading capacity depends on the legal standards which differ per European country. Assuming a tractor unit mass of 7.5 tons, this results in a maximum weight of approximately 418 kg per pallet for an European transport (40 tons gvw). For domestic transport in the Netherlands (50 tons gvw), this results in a maximum weight of approximately 530 kilos per pallet.
These values meet the requirements that apply to many types of transport. As such, the use of Twin deck trailers, and the advantages that come with it, becomes a viable option for increasingly more business sectors.

Easy loading and unloading
Van Eck has paid a great deal of attention to the further development of loading and unloading twin deck trailers. The latest version is equipped with a double hydraulic lift as a standard, partly located within the trailer and partly outside. The two lifts can be controlled independently from each other or simultaneously. The small exterior lift, in combination with the rear doors and overall upper tail lift, ensures that the vehicle can properly dock and that the dock shelter is sealed close. This innovative solution is an invention of Van Eck and makes it possible to dock as normal, also with an Eckstreme Twin Deck Trailer, without creating a draft opening between semi-trailer and loading platform. The double lift system ensures that loading and unloading times are reduced. With regard to the refrigerated version, it means that the loss of cold air for these types of extremely large vehicles is minimal.
This lift system perfectly distributes the centre of gravity of the weight. As a result, wear on the slide pads and the cylinder of the lifting element is much less, while less space for the loading dock is needed. The lift operates from ground level to the upper deck level. The suspension is integrated in the rear portal.
The Eckstreme Twin Deck Trailer has a cross installed, pneumatically lifted feed roller situated in the lower loading deck, just in front of the wheel housing. This is to load pallets in the space just in front of the wheel housing (which cannot be reached otherwise).

Hydraulically controlled axles
For use of the Eckstreme Twin Deck Trailer in inner cities or narrow streets, the semi-trailer can be fitted with 2 hydraulically controlled axles. This makes the semi-trailer extremely maneuverable, saving on tyre wear and fuel consumption.

Engine room
The ‘engine room’ is situated above the wheel housing of the semi-trailer. It accommodates the following:
•   The air tanks of the brake and air suspension system
•   The electronic height adjustment valves for the air suspension (ECAS)
•   The roll-stability system
•   The EBS brake system
•   The PLC control system of the lift floor
•   The electro-hydraulic unit of the lift floor and tail lift
•   The hydraulic tank for the lift floor and tail lift
•   The batteries for the lift floor and tail lift
•   The storage compartment for the remote control cable

Service mechanics have easy access to the ‘engine room’ through the built-in service hatchways.

Loading capacity

Loading capacity Twin Deck Trailer Box

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