Save costs, toll, fuel and the environment

Road transport is under pressure because of rising fuel prices, traffic jams and increasingly stringent government regulation, making it more and more difficult to survive in this sector. In addition, significantly more entrepreneurs are pursuing socially responsible business practices, involving the use of sustainable means and reducing CO2 emissions, among other things.
Through an innovative approach, Van Eck has developed the Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer, which saves costs and, at the same time, ranks among the most environmentally-friendly transport concepts currently available in the market.
The Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer is a vehicle in which additional room has been created between the axles, offering 60% more loading capacity by means of a twin loading deck construction.

33% reduction on driver, fuel and toll costs
Since 60% more loading units with a height of 1.80 metres can be transported, driver, fuel and toll costs are reduced. Hence the Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer is the perfect solution for realising substantially lower transport costs. We notice that more and more carriers want to invest their capital smarter, seeking an increase in return. Van Eck and its Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer can make a positive contribution to this goal.

CO2 reduction of 40% to 50%
This reduction makes this vehicle one of the most environmentally-friendly transport concepts currently available in the market. Where a conventional trailer needs three trips, the Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer only needs two, so it takes fewer trips for the same amount of load. With a view to the large traffic congestion problems on the European roads, this is an extremely important issue. The Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer can reduce CO2 emissions by 40% to 50%. It is therefore listed on the Dutch 2008 environment list which qualifies for subsidy.
Various superstructure options
The Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer can be built in various versions; in plywood (link aanmaken naar Eckstreme Double Deck Box), lightweight panels and as a refrigerated trailer (link aanmaken naar Eckstreme Double Deck Cool). If so desired by the customer, the trailer can also be supplied with a PIEK noise certificate. This makes it possible to use the trailers outside the so-called window times, both during evenings (7pm-11pm) and nights (11pm-7am).

Reverse sensors
All Eckstreme Double Deck Trailers are fitted with reverse sensors. When docking the vehicle, the sensors ensure that the semi-trailer stops at exactly 10 centimetres from the platform. This reduces damage to the trailer to a minimum.

Safe vehicle
The RSS roll-stability system of WABCO is standard included in all vehicles. The RSS system prevents the bodywork from a tendency to tilt during a critical driving manoeuvre. Detection is based on measuring transverse forces in the vehicle. When the boundary values are exceeded, RSS intervenes by applying the brakes on one or more of the wheels, fully automatically. Test rides on the WABCO test track in Germany were passed with flying colours. For the record, an Eckstreme vehicle has never been involved in a tilting incident.
All vehicles in this product range are fitted with an electronic brake system and electronic air suspension for excellent and safe handling.
In addition, the extremely low floor height of the vehicle makes it very safe for cyclists and pedestrians.

Trailer Innovation Award
Trade press considers the Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer an extremely important innovation in the field of trailers. This was once again demonstrated at the presentation of the Trailer Innovation Award 2005 at the IAA in Hannover, during which Van Eck and its Eckstreme concept were among the winning entries.
During the past years, we have sold various versions of this product in more than 14 countries and are European market leader for this concept.

Customised advice?
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