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Distribution is the final link in the chain of goods logistics. It concerns the transport of goods destined for shops, businesses and organisations in the cities. In these times in which retailers keep their stock levels low, sell a lot of fresh produce and want to swiftly meet the continuously changing demands of customers, efficient city distribution is of vital importance. Within the distribution transport sector, transport companies face multiple challenges.
First, distribution transport is a complex process due the number of delivery addresses involved. Multiple delivery addresses means splitting the load across various vehicles. This process of splitting involves a higher risk of errors and the costs thereof cannot be easily passed on.
Window times and soot filter covenants too make supplying to the inner cities increasingly difficult. The various initiatives taken to steer distribution in the Netherlands in the right direction appear to be a difficult undertaking. The Dutch cities are congested with traffic and carriers drive round with a thick folder of instructions that differ per city.
During the past years, Van Eck has developed and built various vehicles that can be used specifically for distribution transport. The various (city) distribution vehicles of Van Eck are the result of a consistent innovation strategy.

Less damage
Due to the multiple delivery addresses, distribution vehicles have much to endure. Van Eck bodyworks have a number of competitive advantages, especially in terms of city distribution. The stainless steel rear portal has been countersunk on the inner side of the sidewalls. This means that roll containers or pallets cannot get stuck behind the portal. Damage to the loaded goods of your customers is therefore reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, our baffle plates are integrated in the floor and pressed into the sidewalls. This means that baffle plates are not glued and no fastening material is used, such as pop rivets. This means that the baffle plates and walls remain in their position during the many times of loading and unloading. This will add to the life cycle of the vehicle, while repair costs are reduced.

Flexibility in the transport of different types of goods
In view of the different types of goods transported simultaneously in distribution, it must be possible to quickly adjust the cargo hold. Hence flexibility is important. Van Eck delivers insulated vehicles with a moveable compartment division. Setting the right temperature is easy and the compartments are flexible and can simply be adjusted.
Manoeuvrability in the inner cities.

At times, manoeuvring in inner cities can be a tricky task for drivers. Van Eck has built various vehicles in which the front and rear axles work in harmony when steering. This strongly improves vehicle manoeuvrability in narrow streets, while the carrier saves costs in terms of tyre wear and fuel consumption. It is also possible to shorten the length of a semi-trailer. Semi-trailers with lengths of 10 to 11.5 metres and adjusted front superstructure offer improved handling in inner cities.

RO-RO semi-trailer and Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer
In 1999, in conjunction with the Albert Heijn retail chain, Van Eck developed the RO-RO semi-trailer, especially for city distribution. It concerns a lowered semi-trailer with loading and unloading options from the side and rear. Thanks to the low loading deck (approx. 24 centimetres), goods can be loaded and unloaded in approximately half the time. Unfortunately, subsequent municipal regulation banned these vehicles. The Amsterdam authorities, for instance, imposed a maximum vehicle length of 10 metres. Therefore, the 13.6 metres long vehicles were no longer allowed in the inner city. Ultimately, through the knowledge gained in this project, Van Eck has been able to develop the Eckstreme Double Deck Trailer (link naar hoofdstuk Double Deck), a transport concept that is becoming increasingly popular in distribution transport. Various European retail companies use Eckstreme Double Deck Trailers and as such save costs in terms of labour, toll, fuel and the environment!

Low-noise trailer for night distribution with PIEK certificate
Van Eck, in conjunction with a number of partners, has developed a vehicle in which the noise produced during loading and unloading has been reduced to below 60 dB(A). This vehicle has PIEK noise certificate accreditation. This concept involves a noise absorbing coating on the floor, an insulated wall that blocks out any noise, a low-noise tail lift and a refrigerating system with an encapsulated diesel engine. This makes it possible to use the trailers outside the so-called window times, both during evenings (7pm-11pm) and nights (11pm-7am). Reducing the time that trucks spend in traffic jams saves time, fuel and the environment. It has been demonstrated that night distribution significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Within Europe, SenterNovem, in conjunction with various supermarket chains, has carried out various trial projects. The conclusions that can be drawn from these pilots show numerous advantages of night distribution. In Den Bosch, for instance, 67% is saved on fuel consumption, the number of kilometres driven and CO2 emissions. Carriers are able to win more contracts thanks to a low-noise fleet. By steering clear from rush hours, more addresses can be supplied per day and the nightly hours can be used efficiently.

Sustainable transport solution for city distribution
A recent study shows that in 2020, cargo traffic in urban areas will have risen by 21 to 35%. In 2004, the annual additional costs for distribution, due to limiting measures such as window times and vehicle requirements, amounted to approximately 450 million Euros. In 2006, calculations by the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) showed that, on average, trucks have to make nearly 30% more kilometres due to such measures being imposed. Van Eck has many years of experience in the development and production of transport means, especially for distribution transport.

Through our expertise of special transport solutions, we want to challenge our customers, partners, suppliers and ourselves to come to innovative and sustainable transport solutions that will make a vital contribution to tackling the problems within city distribution. We gladly tackle this challenge together with you!
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