From vision to innovation

Van Eck’s operational base is Beeds for the development and manufacturing of all new vehicles, maintenance and repair services.

Since the company’s formation in 1912, Van Eck has built a reputation of a reliable manufacturer of innovative road transport means. Success in the market particularly means discovering and developing new transport solutions that improve business results.

Legislation as a challenge
Without losing track of legislation, Van Eck continuously develops economically profitable vehicles. The transport sector is all about increased revenues at lower costs per trip. The R&D department skilfully responds to the customer’s wish for increased loading capacity on the one hand and, on the other, the guidelines of the inspection authorities.

A specific transport solution always generates increased return for the customer. The advantage of customization is that the product can be designed and constructed according to specifications and thus fully meets the customer’s requirements and options. Each company is unique in its own right. That’s why we consider each order as a unique assignment in which we can bundle all our expertise and produce new possibilities. Van Eck is a fully-fledged partner in the field of transport solutions.

Quality: Uncompromising into detail
Within the organization, Quality is written with a capital Q. At Van Eck, Quality takes priority over anything else; Quality of the people, the products and the service. The quality philosophy of Van Eck forms the guideline for the development of new policies. All vehicles are constructed using high-quality materials and systems with a guaranteed, long life cycle.